Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am the owner and creator at String Cheese + Bandaids. I live in a quiet little town in Wyoming. Probably not like the town you have read about in books though, it's like any other small city with big buildings and lots of people and not so much the Wild West anymore, but it is beautiful and I'm surrounded by mountains, lakes and prairies all across my state. 

My office is located right in our living room! I started sewing when I was a child after my grandmother taught me to hand stitch and my passion for bringing imaginative characters to life has been growing ever since, I love seeing the little creatures I think up come to life as heirloom dolls and my eight children are always throwing crazy ideas my way to try. Some of my greatest and most favorite products have come from me throwing a random sketch onto paper and creating a pattern from there. I've always had a love for heirloom and vintage items and I'm inspired to keep that look alive within my toys. 

I have a passion for creating. I’ve always been an artist ever since I could first color. I have dabbled in sketching, painting, paper craft art, needle art and sewing. So far sewing seems to be my niche for creating and it makes my heart happy!

Running my shop from my home has been an adventure to say the least, I really enjoy having the opportunity to stay home as a work-at-home mom and do what I love. Being a small business in a smaller community has been great, I love being a vendor at our local farmers market,  getting to know fellow shop owners and supporting local businesses. I hope that as my children grow my business will continue to grow as well and maybe even open up some new opportunities for my children to express their creativity in the future.

I’ve worked hard to make sure String Cheese & Bandaids is a proud CPSC compliant small business that takes pride in knowing our products are made safe for all ages and meet the latest CPSC safety requirements in the United States.